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It is an Austronesian language spoken widely in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and in some areas of the Thailand region. Its relevance to the Minangkabau language is remarkable.

Around 5.5 million people in Sumatra speak the language. Malay uses Hindi- Arabic numerals as well.

Latin script is being used in writing the Malay language, while Jawi or Arabic script also gets used. Furthermore, 290 million people use this language around the world, in communicating with each other. Wherever Malay is used, it has a connection with the culture of that particular nation and culture.

Malay certified translation services:

We provide you with the best Malay certified translation services online. You can get high-quality translation in just a matter of minutes. We can’t you assure you that your time will not be spent, but, we at Kings of translation assure you that your time will be spent in the best possible manner. When you trust us, we give you the best work done, according to your demands and in the best of your interest.

Click here and allow us to help you out with translating your document or phrases into the Malayan language.

The translated text will not change the original layout of your document. Its delicacy will remain the same. Format and styling will be exact and finished to the extent that you will love it.

We, at Kings of translation, offer you a variety of languages. We can not only translate other languages into Malayan language, but can convert Malayan language into English, Arabic, German, French, Korean, Urdu, Swedish, Portuguese, Swedish, and many more. All the major languages are included in our professional certified translation service.

Documents which need translation:

Documents that require certified translation includes certificates of employment and death, marriage certificates, criminal records and reports, contracts, judgments, etc.

Our expert translators have specialized in different fields of Marketing, E-Commerce, IT, Energy and reserves, Public sector, Entertainment, etc. They can translate your document into the Malayan language in a way that would be the best and naturally suitable.

Benefits of hiring Kings of translation:

With the fastest turnaround, we provided you with the finest piece of work. Our rates would be highly affordable and market- competitive.

Our professional team of translators will be the best choice for your projects. The easiest way to reach out to our exceptionally talented translators is here. You can easily check out to our rates and find a solution to your problem.

When it comes to having a refined form of work, you cannot rely on free software. Their interpretations can’t be correct. But, that’s not the case with us.

We provide you with Malay Legal Translation to help you doing business with a firm or individual in Malaysia. Our competent translators have worked for the major corporations worldwide and provided the best-translated documents always.

Our first priority is our clients. We assure you of the best performance of our workers. We are available around the clock at your service and can be accessed easily at Kings of Translation.

We are the BEST at what we do!

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