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Things To Know About The Dubai Nursery School System

In Dubai, nurseries and pre-schools have to cater to a diverse range of clients. Dubai actually has a very multinational presence, and many of the residents living in Dubai are from European countries. The UAE authorities have made services and arrangements available to adequately provide for this unique challenge.

UAE law requires all children to be given free education from nursery to the 12th grade or its equivalent. This is offered in any of the nationwide public schools. In addition, there are also prestigious private schools that cater to children’s needs.

Strict Age Requirements

Especially for young children, care, education, and safety are a top priority of the government. Nursery schools in Dubai typically accept children up to the age of 5 or 6. Children above 6 years old can start normal schooling.

The age requirements are very strict, and there is little to no room for exceptions or changes. Although most of the highly equipped schools are concentrated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are many adequate schooling centers all over the UAE.

Priority Given To Younger Children In Nursery Schools

All nurseries are legally obligated to follow guidelines set by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, or KHDA. The KHDA is the government agency in charge of approving nursery schools and their facilities. The KHDA is also in charge of giving approval to the caregivers and instructors.

The quality of nursery and preschool facilities is held to a very high standard by the government. Instructors and caregivers are also required to be highly professional and trained. There are many legal requirements that caregivers for young children must have before they can receive certification.

An Extensive Offering of Different Curriculums

The schools in Dubai are equipped with facilities and personnel to give children from many countries a standard education at the level of what is offered in their home country. As a result, expatriates can enroll their children in American, British, or french nursery dubai where their children will learn at the same level.

The benefits of a child learning at the same level and pace as in their country are many. The child will be able to continue their education seamlessly if the family goes back to their home country.

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