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The Top Degrees for Career Success

The right degree will give you the right foundation to get started. If you start with a degree that focuses on things that many haven’t even heard of, you will find that there are no opportunities. But major in a course with huge prospects, large companies will come around your door, knocking to take your interview.

Let us discuss the top major in-demand degrees for your career’s success.

Top 7 Degrees in Demand

Here are the top 7 degrees that will make you future-ready:

Luxury Brand Management 

The global market for luxury brands has grown to $284 billion and has a CAGR of 4.7%. It shows that multiple companies are emerging to establish luxury brands that cater to the rich. A Luxury Brand Management degree has, therefore, become one of the top degrees to have. Tap into an industry where your words and actions hold equal value and can potentially make you rich.

This degree will let you enter the luxury brand industry, where you will market high-end cars, accessories, properties, and services to high-end customers. As a luxury brand manager, you will define strategies, conduct market research, implement a business plan, and monitor product lines. Also, a luxury brand manager makes about $84,160 a year on average.

You will learn many things from Luxury Brand Management. You will learn business and marketing skills and soft managerial skills. However, you will also be taught the knowledge you need to excel in the world of leisure. With this degree, you will get the perfect mix of business and creativity, helping you join a niche in which you can thrive.

Computer Engineering 

The second top degree is an obvious one right now. The IT industry is perpetually rising, with more software and software contributions shaking the world. CompTIA reports that computer engineers and cybersecurity professionals make up the largest categories in tech jobs alone. This degree has been around for a while, with the last three decades having been paramount for its growth.

Like the Luxury brand management, the starting salary of a computer engineer is also around $83,100. Computer engineers are creative and analytical individuals making the world go round, and you can become a part of it.

When studying computer science, you will be taught about hardware, databases, artificial intelligence, computer systems, networks, and more. While it is not necessarily a niche subject, the craft requires a lot of intelligence and a natural disposition to love all things tech.


Never underestimate the value of nursing, for its importance has increased drastically, especially in the post-COVID era. As a nurse, one must learn critical thinking, cultural awareness, time management, and communication skills.

So, for a Nursing degree, students are taught pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, community and environmental nursing, leadership, anatomy, ethics, health assessment, stress management, and more.

With nursing, expect the median salary to be $81k. However, another venue opens when students choose nursing as their degree: becoming a traveling nurse. A traveling nurse is one of the most prominent career choices in this decade. With the added advantage of traveling and flexibility of jobs, a traveling nurse is another profession that has made getting a nursing degree that much more relevant.

Culinary Arts

Fourth on our list is a course that has taken academia around the world by storm. Getting a culinary degree means getting a chance to become a culinary artist and join the food and beverage industry. The skills that a Culinary artist has include management and organization, food preparation, and more.

Getting into culinary arts opens multiple venues across the world, with restaurants, bars, hotels, and fast food chains looking for more work. However, the only downside is where you work matters. The average salary of a Chef is $50k in America. At the low end, it is around $43k. It indicates that prospects really have to give it their all if they have to make it big in the culinary industry. Nevertheless, a culinary arts degree from a reputable institution will allow students to get into good restaurants.

Computer Sciences

Another top degree to choose in today’s world is computer science. Those with a computer science degree focus on the transmission and interaction of data. The recent boom in the AI niche has further increased the demand for people with computer science degrees.

BLC reported that jobs in computer and information-related niches will grow by 21% in the next 10 years.

The arrival of blockchain has also increased people’s fascination with data transmission and interaction. While most sought to get into computer sciences for the sake of becoming engineers, Computer System Analyst has become another reason to pick this course. It is considered one of the best jobs to this day in the computer and information niche and has a median salary of $102k.

Blockchain Degree

The arrival of the 2021 bull market for the crypto industry whipped up a storm in academia, making many looks into blockchain education. Now, there are multiple universities offering a degree in blockchain. Some who already have degrees in computer education are also applying for it due to its rising value in the tech industry.

A blockchain developer has a median salary of $136k, and it is continually growing. Web app developers can be of several types. Those with a blockchain degree can either go into developing backend systems or pick up Web3 gaming projects. Depending on how big the project has grown, the developer’s salary will increase.

With blockchain courses, students can expect basic blockchain concepts to be covered. It also covers the required skillset to design and develop decentralized applications.

Data Science Degree

Another large degree that has gotten a lot of traction lately is data science. This degree involves focusing on multiple niches. It incorporates statistics, mathematics, business and social sciences, and, of course, computer science.

With the focus being on big data and how this data can be leveraged for the benefit of the industry, students can also pick marketing-related subjects, like graphic design, public speaking, and storytelling.

The primary career to pick in Data Science is Data science. The average salary of a data scientist is around $124k.


Some of the biggest courses this year have been around for ages. Their demand hasn’t waned and is growing. Other courses, however, have just arrived and quickly gained traction.

Pick the one that suits your passions. And know that picking the right degree is just 10% of the task. It is your passion for the subject and your drive towards success that will help you get a good job out of them.

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