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Side Hustles: Top Ways You Can Earn Extra as an International Student 

Taking a legit side hustle while studying abroad is, beyond a doubt, one of the greatest ways to graduate from college financially sound.

Even if you’re using savings or scholarships to pay for tuition, there is value in starting a college side hustle and earning extra income. 

We all like the idea of getting a side hustle, but few know how to get started. Worry not, we’re here to help you and bring on some ideas that will truly benefit you. 

Our post will teach you how to better your skill set and earn a little extra income with a side hustle even amidst a global health uncertainty. 

Taking a side hustle during your college years gives you the opportunity to explore your passions. Even better, if you relish the work from home idea, these jobs are easier to commit since you can set your own schedule and work from anywhere, fitting in work before, after, or between classes. 

Freelance Writer 

It’s hard enough to keep yourself afloat as a self-supported student. Classes are costly, books are expensive, and you need to eat. Not to mention, it’s challenging enough to juggle a job alongside an education. However, if you’re ready to give your best as a college student freelance writer, make sure you know yourself. 

Let’s say that anyone can wake up one morning and decide to call themselves a freelance writer. But the difference between a successful freelance writer and a mediocre writer is a solid body of knowledge. 

There are hundreds of niches out there, and each of them has a web presence that requires skilled writers to create content. If you really want to succeed as a freelance writer and support yourself, stick to what you understand. Choose a few areas of specialty and consolidate your efforts on occupying positions in those niches. Also, if you’re good and establish a good relationship with editors, you could earn a pretty penny. 

Graphic Designer 

Graphic design is the most common legit side job that has helped a lot of college students support themselves through college years.

You’d appreciate having to choose what gig and project you want to work with, and it feels great to earn extra to finance your tuition.

Therefore, if you have a knack for creating widely fitting design templates, icons, graphical elements, there’s a large market of business owners and lean marketers who can’t wait to buy these products. 

As a low-effort starting point, you can always sign up to sell your templates, background, icons, and other graphical elements on platforms like Creative Market or GraphicRiver, where you will earn either a fixed fee or a commission for each sale of your design element. 

Bu graphic design starts to become more than a side hustle, so you should be looking for a team that values artists with an eye for beauty. For instance, jewelry designers at Baunat are committed to using the best of their abilities in design and craftsmanship to create magnificent and unique pieces. Be sure you find a team where your creative endeavors are highly appreciated and rewarded. 

Starting a Podcast 

Podcasting has quickly risen to become one of the most widely and massively consumed forms of media on the internet. 

The format is easy to consume, and they’re great for listening during a drive-time commute or while cooking dinner. Who doesn’t listen to a podcast nowadays?

Podcasting gives individuals, brands, businesses, and students looking for a profitable side hustle the ability to share their passion and build communities with a niche audience. 

Therefore, if you’re out and about to start your own podcast and already have the tools any decent podcaster has, you need to decide on the topic and structure of your show. Have a plan a decide:

  • Who are you creating this podcast for?
  • Will it be a solo podcast, or will you have multiple hosts?
  • Will it be a free discussion, interview style, or narrative style?

Ask yourself these questions before you decide to start podcasting as a side hustle to support yourself. 


Investing might sound intimidating or scary, but really, it’s about one simple idea: 

How to make your money work for you. These days, many college students are going out and getting side hustles. And if you’re in dire need of extra income, you may want to do the same. 

We’re often encouraged to start investing from the springtime of life so we can put that money to work sooner and enjoy larger gains in our portfolios. The problem is that it’s hard to carve out money for investing when living/studying costs keep mounting and keep eating up the bulk of your paycheck. 

The beauty of a side hustle is that the amount you earn is extra. If it’s not money you need to manage your student life, you can invest it and let compounding return work their magic. You can either invest in gold or, why not, diamonds and go on with your studies knowing that your side hustle endeavor doesn’t rest.  

With a global diamond jewellery market of about $100 billion per year, stocks involved with the production of these gems are worth a peek for bear investors and side hustlers alike. While diamonds and jewelry are not exactly the highest-growth industry, it does occupy a special place around the globe and is worth your attention. 

Become an Online Coach 

Career and life coaching has exploded over the years with the advancement of easy-to-use online tools and marketplaces like Savvy and Coach. me. With the opportunity to leverage your skill and experience in a way that helps others make significant progress in their career, becoming an online coach remains a viable option and one of the most rewarding sides no matter your age. 

As an online coach, you will either charge by the hour or per session and produce topic-based packages that help customers achieve a very specific goal by the end of the class. Check our most influential life coaches today to get inspiration and better formulate your coaching sessions. 

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