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How Mobile Gaming Popularity Is Growing With Technology

Everywhere you go, the supermarket or public transportation, people are on their cell phones.   No one leaves home without their phone; it has become more than just a communication device. As cellular technology advances, this pocket telephone becomes more and more valuable to users.

People work from their phones every day. It is a camera and video recorder as well. But the most recent trend is using a cell as a portable console device. Handheld gaming has seen a surge in popularity as phones develop into miniature personal computers.


Everyone Loves Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has seen a surge of popularity as gamers choose to cut the cord as mobile gaming technology reinvents and defines itself as a robust mobile gaming console. Everyone remembers rushing to the nearest park or point of interest upon releasing the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. The innovative technology of augmented reality captured the hearts of all ages alike.

Growing trends show that all generations enjoy mobile gaming. Some 90% of Gen-Z consider themselves mobile gamers, while the average age is 35-44 years old. Not only that, mobile gaming can be a social activity that friends and family can enjoy. Four in ten people say they have met people through gaming.

A wide variety of games exist out there, so the market reach is deep for mobile gaming. Not just with landmark titles like PokemonGO, the mobile gaming community offers more than just adventure games. Popular game types like word games, puzzles, and even fight games exist in app form on mobile devices.

Mobile Phones Become Game Centres


As developers design mobile devices to do more than just make phone calls, these products have led to great changes in the world of mobile gaming. Phones now come with better CPUs, memory capacity and GUI, a combination that enables users to play online slots at NetBet, play Pokemon Go! or destroy the enemy in Fortnite gaming in their mobile browsers without sacrificing any functionality or graphic degeneration. Of course, this means updating the screen for better, more significant pictures and a higher refresh rate. Mobile device users can even use a controller with their devices.

Virtual reality has long been a science fiction fantasy. Recent technology has made this fantasy a reality, and mobile gamers can also take advantage of this. Most gamers can agree that the only thing better than playing a video game is being part of the video game. The immersive playstyle of VR being available on a mobile phone is easy to obtain by using tools like Google cardboard. Gamers can now turn that dull waiting room into an exciting adventure with a couple of accessories that fit in a backpack or purse.

Mobile Gaming Is Here To Stay

The mobile device is not just for texting and calling anymore. Technology has catapulted the cell phone into the running aside home consoles like the XBOX or Playstation. With larger screens and strong GPUs, the cellular phone can play intense games like Fortnite or PUBG while on the go. Mobile gaming is still wildly popular amongst both the younger and older generation, and with growing technological advancements will only grow more popular as time goes on.

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